Developing my self awareness

For some reason, some of my best ideas come from waking from an intense dream, in the 20 mins of waking and adjusting to a new reality ideas take hold. In the dream I was being chased, in danger, home a place of safety was being threatened. I read somewhere Dali got his inspiration from dreams. Answer in symbols from the Subconscious? Two overlapping ideas but of the same vein, body image and an image of an artist. I feel overweight as I can fit into a suit I bought. An Addiction to sugar and struggles with money have finally caught up with me. Or do I just have a higher value in the 150 euro I might need to spend on a new suit? ha, more people’s perception of me, needed to feed the beast which is my ego.   I imagine if I lose a stone of fat life will be better. I’ll have more perceived value to my self and others. Why has the place I got to just become so ugly to me? The reality is life on Meds, overeating on sugar and lack of weekly exercise has increased my weight. Not a big deal. I […]
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Talking about My Mental Health

I wrote this in September of 2016. It was liberating to open up about My Mental Health Struggles. – Dear Shane of 3 years ago. Well done. You are where you wanted to be and it’s awesome. Your brave steps were worth it. Thank you for having faith and believing in yourself. You were right. I’m sitting in the gallery space of my current solo exhibition “Home: My Realisation” in Galway Ireland and reflecting on a conversation I just had about mental health with someone who popped in to see my show. It reminded me how far I have come over the last few years. Back in 2009, I suffered a drug-induced psychotic episode while travelling in Australia. A truly frightening thing to experience but now I take positives from it. I understand now that the little brave steps I took in the aftermath of it has lead me to a life so amazing and positive that my past mindset seems confusing to me now. To share what I experienced with my family back then riddled me with fear. Insecurities crippled me but I talked to them. I couldn’t accept my situation. A need drove me to be understood and […]
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